Bridging the gap between institutions and DeFi

A permissioned environment where institutions can use the benefits of decentralized finance in a regulatory-compliant and secure way

Trusted liquidity sources only

Unlike unregulated DeFi providers, 1inch Pro whitelists all the liquidity sources to ensure their trustworthiness in the regulated trading industry.



No need to transfer your funds to a centralized custody - keep them in your own Web3 or indepentent custodial wallet connected to 1inch Pro.


Access all crypto markets

Our verified liquidity sources are monitoring all the major CEXs and DEXs and offer the best rates for a given moment of time.



Each transaction is accessible on the blockchain.


Fast execution

Even complex transactions with multiple liquidity sources involved are executed in seconds.


High security

Our audited protocols exclude the risk of losing funds during execution.

1inch Pro features


Exchange assets on the Ethereum blockchain using 1inch Pro. Aggregation Protocol at the best rates on the market.

A list of institutional liquidity providers is limited to whitelisted liquidity sources who have successfully completed the KYC/KYB procedures and constantly undergo AML screening.


Decentralized order book

Create limit orders setting a more accurate price for swapping assets and the expiration time. The orders are put on the order book and can be filled by other 1inch Pro users.

The order book works off-chain while filling transactions is done on-chain. Funds don’t leave your wallet while the order’s execution.


P2P swaps

Create orders to exchange tokens privately over-the-counter via an audited swapping protocol that ensures the safety of funds. You have full control over the execution price and expiration.

P2P orders are not published to the order book so nobody, except for the taker, sees it.


White-label deployment

1inch’s white-label products are products developed to be used by other entities. White-label deployment primarily suits companies looking to create a DeFi ecosystem from scratch. The deployment can be either permissioned or permissionless.


Start trading on 1inch Pro


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Complete KYC/KYB

Your identity and the company details will be verified.


Connect wallet

Your assets should be checked and ownership of the wallet has to be proven.



Get unlimited access to all 1inch Pro instruments.

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